Learn Laugh Leap
(A podcast buried under 10 feet of Minnesota snow)

Shannon Paradis

My name is Shannon. Or Shanimal. Or Shaniqua. Or Shannonball. Or S-Money. Depends on the day/mood. I am a wife, mother of two, full time recruiter in the corporate world, spin and barre instructor, and I am only 21.  Well, I was. At one point.

My quest is finding out how to have the ENERGY of a 21-year-old, even when I'm in my sixties! So on the podcast, I'm interviewing health experts - trying all the things offered in the wellness space like acupuncture, float spas, and local honey, while staying active and learning about different techniques like intermittent fasting and cold showers!

My mission is to learn from those that inspire me, and in turn, I hope to inspire my listeners. Join me on this winding road of the wellness journey! 


In loving memory of my dad, Tom Klix - my inspiration for this podcast. His words carried weight, his voice was calming, but he was also hilarious and just wanted to make people smile. To honor his legacy, I'm continuing to refine the craft of podcasting. You can listen to my interview with him on this website - S1:Ep 2


Hear from health and wellness industry experts and individuals living their best life.


I hope you will find little nuggets in here that make you giggle, chuckle, or snort milk through your nose.


Get advice and grow confidence on your own road to self discovery. Take some big strides. Do something that scares you today! BOO!


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