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Kicked Cancer: Bryston Ulrich

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Bryston is a dad, a husband, a perpetual learner and a testicular cancer survivor. He grew up in Sebastopol, CA before heading to SoCal for college and now lives in Portland, OR. His pursuit of self-betterment started when he worked at a local gym as a teenager but college and young adulthood pushed his diet and exercise pursuits to the wayside. He got back into exploring the importance of nutrition in his mid twenties, but continued to let excuses overshadow his activity levels and overall health. In September of 2016 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, underwent immediate surgery and finished chemotherapy in April 2017. Since the diagnosis, diet (specifically a Ketogenic diet) and exercise have become a key focus of his life and he is now cancer free and healthier than ever! He and his wife blog about their family's journey to wellness atawaytowell.com