Learn Laugh Leap
(A podcast buried under 10 feet of Minnesota snow)

Karen Klix

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First and foremost, I love the gal. Not just because she birthed my 10 lb Buddha butt. She listens with the intent to understand. I can tell her anything. We laugh together, cry together, and we can also just sit and be present together without saying a word. So, emotionally, she is my rock. She has an attitude of gratitude. You know the type. They kiss flowers and babies, smile when it rains, hug evil people, etc. So I have to pick her cranium about WHY and HOW she finds the same amount of happiness of a dude walking through the pearly gates might. Also, this madre is a fit powerhouse! Our friends called her "Pipes" in high school because her biceps were really the "piece de resistance". Everyone looked at her arms and thought, "what?" and "how do I get me some of those?" So in this podcast we find out exactly how she did and does maintain a sleek physique. UNFAIR.