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Spartan Racer: Lacey Bourgois

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Lacey's athletic background is in climbing and running. After a friend suggested she try a Spartan Race, she was hooked. Over the course of three years, she has participated in 43 races. In 2019, she finished 10th in the National Series for Spartan Racing. In this episode, she discusses what Spartan Racing is, how she trains & what she eats, pre- and post-race. Fun facts from Lacey: 

1.The first two Spartan Races I “won” (or crossed the finish line under the impression that I won).. I actually got off course & was DQed. Both in which I missed under 1/2 of a mile of actual course.. just took a wrong turn, major bummer!

2. I grew up in Bismarck, ND & have lived in the Twin Cities for about 7 years.

3. Respiratory therapist by day...

4. During a Spartan race so far I have encountered the following: bee sting, bitten by an army of fire ants, mild hypothermia, poison ivy, as well as multiple clips of barbed wire cuts..