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Pillows & Prosecco Picnic Company: Karah Eisenschenk

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Have you heard of love languages? Mine is quality time - 100%. Spending moments with those I love is something I cherish with my whole being. If you took everything else away from me, I’d weather just fine. I've always enjoyed making moments - big and small - personalized to each life moment no matter how much time or money it takes me. It's in woven into my soul to make my people feel special. As I've gotten older and life has sped up, I've found that it has become more difficult for me to find the time to "do it all". Life itself can make it a task to create significant + intentional time with one another. I know I'm not alone in this feeling.

And that is how Pillows + Prosecco Picnic Company was born. I wanted to create a carefree way for you to spend cherished time with your loved ones that's crafted special for each occasion . Whether it's an elevated date or a shower,  I wanted to take the guesswork and the "running all over the place", and the investment of decor that you'll probably never use again, out of making it a one-of-a-kind moment. I've got you covered.  Why a picnic? A picnic, in my opinion, has forever been a romantic, intimate and beautiful way to spend time with your significant someone or with your whole crew. We've just curated a way to do that with a little extra pop thanks to the prosecco.

Let's plan a picnic.