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Dr. Mark Stephany

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After completing my medical training I set out to fulfill another goal, to participate in the world’s hardest cycling races. I wanted to test the limits of my body as much as medical training had tested my mind. I committed myself to training as hard as I could for these events. From ascending Mont Ventoux in France to mountain biking in Costa Rica I have pushed myself further than I thought possible.

What I discovered during this time was that my biggest fear was not my ability to do well in a race, but not being able to participate in the first place due to illness. Training and racing takes a huge toll on your body and when you add in work, travel, and balancing relationships it just adds to this tremendous amount of stress. When I had sacrificed so much for training and racing I didn't want it all to be wasted by being sidelined from illness.

When the scientific literature began demonstrating the efficacy of probiotics in maintaining health in athletes I took interest. Here was a way for me to feel more secure in my training. I could push myself even harder knowing that the likelihood of being sidelined from illness would be less.

As athletes we are so focused on competing, but we cannot discount the importance of the time outside of racing. Optimizing your overall health and maximizing your recovery are just as important as what you do in the race. We created Sound Probiotics to keep you in the race – to redefine what’s possible.