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The Whispering Cave: Greta Walch & Michelle Henkel

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Relieve stress, reduce toxins, breathe easier and find your bliss through Salt Therapy+Meditation. Greta Walch & Michelle Henkel are the co-owners of The Whispering Cave in Wayzata, MN.

Michelle is a seeker of unique connections, the voice of an authentic soul, and a dancer with a wild heart who has been teaching yoga since 2008, Michelle’s career in movement began years earlier as a dancer in NYC. in the time since she has expanded her skill set with multiple trainings in various forms of yoga, meditation, and personal fitness.

She believes that grace, awareness, and intention in movement shouldn’t be restricted to a yoga mat or studio, and that the transitions between moments make a wonderful dance floor for mind, body, and spirit.

Greta is a teacher with a passion for people and lifelong learning. At The Whispering Cave she brings her many years of experience to the community with joy and a big heart.

Greta received her Yoga Teacher Training through Devanadi school of Yoga in the Tantric lineage. Emphasis on meditation, asana, pranayama, chant, mantra and the rich 1000 years old tradition of yoga were all part of her education.

To bring people home to themselves, to raise vibrational energy and to let each persons gifts shine is what makes a good teacher. Greta is grateful to be amongst teachers at the Whispering Cave who accomplish this daily.